Q: Someone is selling Robin's Jeans on eBay. Are they authentic?

A: None of our authorized retailers are permitted to sell Robin's Jeans on eBay, or other auction sites. The only way to guarantee that you are purchasing authentic is either to make your purchase on our website, or to go directly to one of our authorized retailers. Click here to find them out.

Q: What if the seller says that the Robin's Jeans are "New with Tags" (NWT)? Does that mean they are authentic?

A: Most Robin's Jean products you will find online are new with tags, yet are counterfeit. Counterfeiters are able to copy not only the look of the denim itself, but also the labels and tags. Although they are poorly re-created, fraudulent labels and tags are not detectable on your computer screen. The Robin's Jean counterfeit products themselves do not fit at all as a Robin's Jean product would, and does not fit to size. Also, the image presented for online purchase will not be the same product you receive at home. Counterfeiters will use authentic images, but send different low-grade quality jeans tagged with Robin's Jean labels.

We work hard against Robin's Jean counterfeiters, protecting our loyal supporters and spreading the word that an image online does not authenticate a product. To order a product anywhere but from our online store, or from one of our authorized retailers will be a counterfeit product.

We take pride in our U.S.A. made Robin's Jean products, their premium quality, pure jewels embellishments, and high-end authenticity from the tags to the last stitch, and deliver the real deal in fashion.

Q: Who should I contact to report a counterfeiter?

A: Please email as many details as you can, including name and address of the seller, how many jeans/styles the person is selling, and whether we may contact you for further information.

Thank you for your support of our brand, and please continue to shop at our online store, to ensure authentic purchases at!